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Comparing Dynamics NAV (Navision) and Business Central capabilities

This first major product release by Microsoft Navision following its acquisition by Microsoft in 2002 was developed at Microsoft’s Vedbaek, Denmark, campus, the company’s largest development center outside the United States. Microsoft Navision 4.0 embodies enhancements and additions developed to help organizations scale their competitive advantage in today’s global business arena. “With Microsoft Navision 4.0, we are offering an abundance of European innovation to the world,” said Ren Stockner, general manager, Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision. “Microsoft Navision 4.0 is a compelling proof point of the strategic investment Microsoft has made in Europe and the deep level of value we are able to offer businesses around the world.”

Microsoft announced version 4.0 of Navision with these words back in the 18th of October, 2004. and we can tell, only few would have made bets on where technology could evolve today and where today’s state-of-the-art business solution could evolve.

Relying on multiple Internet sources, we have tried to put together a test to summarize the functional and technological innovations that have accompanied the product’s life cycle from version 4.0 to the online (SaaS) version of Business Central.

The comparison below can be filtered by function categories and versions. Due to the nature of the data content it will be a challenge to review the table, if you look at it on your phone, therefore, we recommend that if you are curious about the details, sit down in front of a laptop or desktop computer and a good large monitor 😊.

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