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Subscription packages

You can use our subscription packages within the framework of named user accesses. We have packaged everything your users need to operate a complex system. Our monthly fees include the cost of licenses, cloud infrastructure, operation, customer support and upgrades accordingly.


Our packages have been designed with market needs in mind, providing the opportunity for quick entry as well as expansion. The BASIC, STANDARD, and PREMIUM packages described below cannot be mixed within a company, but it is possible to change the number of accesses and toggle back and forth between packages at any time.


We recommend our BASIC package to you if your business is small and you have no problem performing certain processes manually. In this package, we’ve put together the most essential elements, built purely on the capabilities of Business Central as well as Microsoft 365 online services. As a support, we give you access to our knowledge base.


Our STANDARD package can help your business if, in addition to the factory functions, you already need to automate previously manual processes as well as use Office applications. As support, we provide access to our knowledge base as well as our case management system. And with our Insider preview program, you can familiarize yourself with upcoming innovations before we get them up and running.


Our PREMIUM package stands out from the crowd: it features e-invoicing, a range of convenience features, as well as increased number of cases and telephone support.


Our TEAM MEMBER access is available in addition also to the BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM packages. Includes the Business Central limited access licenses and the Office 365 licenses that match the package you selected. It cannot be used on its own, it requires at least one access from the above packages.


With our Mobile Device access, we primarily offer access to Business Central to those working in the warehouse.


With this special access, it is possible for the warehouse workers with mobile devices to perform inventory-moving transactions without licensing full access. It cannot be used on its own, it requires at least one access from the above packages.

Content and monthly fee of our subscription packages

Our prices are valid on a per named user basis with a 1-year commitment

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