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Implementation packages with fixed scope at a fixed price

We believe we can make today's most innovative business management application available to all companies. In compiling our service package, our main motivation was to ensure transparency and easy planning, as well as to ensure quick implementation.

Summarizing the experience of more than 100 of our implementations, we created our subscriptions, as well as our implementation packages available with fixed scope and fixed pricing, with which we could get rid of hidden costs and make the Business Central application available in up to 1 month.

Our basic package is Finance, which includes all the pre-configured functions that allow you to perform invoicing, general ledger accounting and other financial operations. Our Trade package is based on Finance, which, in addition to financial functions, also supports your inventory management processes. An extension of the Trade package is our Assembly package, which includes basic assembly (quasi-manufacturing) functions in addition to stocking. In addition to the main implementation packages, we are offering an increasing number of additional packages to further deepen the range of Business Central features you want to use.

Business Central implementation packages

Our implementation packages include:

  • the preset of functions included in the package,

  • trainings related to the set functions,

  • the support of initial master and opening data migration,

  • go live support,

  • and support for the first month’s financial closure (for the finance package).


Contents and fees for basic implementation packages


Contents and fees for additional implementation packages

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