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Useful add-ons for your Business Central system to make everyday administration easier.


Is it time consuming to identify your EKAER-obliged shipments? Do you want to save time, and make your EKAER administration precise in both time and quality?

Our app collects the content of the EKAER report based on the trading documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and makes it possible to request an EKÁER number directly from the ERP system. The app can store the EKÁER numbers and their validity intervals, and summarizes the most important data (value, gross weight, riskiness) from EKÁER point of view, helping the user to organize and execute tasks regarding shipments more effectively.

Our EKÁER application is a Microsoft certified solution, so it can also be found on AppSource.



Are you tired of printing, enveloping, and shipping your invoices? Do you want to save time and money, while still fulfilling the legislation requirements?


With this app your company can take a significant step forward to the paperless office concept. Creating and sending authorized and time-stamped invoices directly from your Business Central, allow you to realize up to 80% savings on the average 300 HUF printing, enveloping, shipping, tracking and other incurring costs.

Our e-invoice application is a Microsoft certified solution, so it can also be found on AppSource.


Do you have multiple suppliers those are also your customers at the same time? Does it take you a lot of time to reconcile your payables and receivables with each other and settle the remaining amounts?

With our solution, you can speed up this process, so you will have time to focus on the point.



Do you use packaging materials in your business? Are you required to provide statements regularly?

With our solution, you can speed up the administration related to the environmental product fee and easily fulfill your declaration obligations.


Do you want to serve your auditor's data needs quickly? With our solution, you can turn your Business Central into Auditor-friendly software and use it to easily generate export data files for general ledger items.

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Content and monthly fee of our extensions

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