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Business Central localization certified by Microsoft

Hungarian language user interface, legal compliance, useful add-ons: these are provided by Business Central's localization application packages.

Localization. A concept that appears in the selection of the system for all international corporate governance systems. Microsoft's philosophy is to provide localization solutions faster and with higher quality locally in countries where accounting, tax, and billing laws are typically complex and frequent. And if this is really typical of a country, it is Hungary. Accordingly, the manufacturer of Business Central follows the above principle in Hungary as well, entrusting the development and maintenance of localization applications to its experienced partners.

AppVision is one of a small number of partners who have the tools to develop localization:

  • contractual background,

  • competence,

  • experience,

  • and ratings.

The fees for our localization applications, as well as continuous updates to the applications, are included in our Business Central Online subscription packages.


Contents of our localization application packages based on Microsoft's recommendations



This pack contains the translation of the the fields, actions, labels and tooltips which help users unblock themselves by providing an answer to their most likely questions.

The language app is available on AppSource.



Do you experience problems around “online-invoicing”? Your VAT statements are still created manually? 

Regulatory functions are must haves for every company using an ERP system. We understand that it can be more than frustrating if core features are causing headaches for your employees or fear from receiving a penalty from the authorities.

Our app allows you to run your accountings, manage taxes and invoices in compliance with the Hungarian legislative rules. In the Hungarian Regulatory Localization Pack, you can find all the features you are required to have to start your operations in Hungary. Working as an extension makes our app easily and rapidly updateable according to legislation changes, providing continuous value for your money.

Features and benefits of using this extension:

  • Online invoice interface

  • Invoice rounding

  • Manage VAT transactions

  • ​VAT Statements: ANYK xx65A, xx65M and A60 connection

  • Reporting sales and goods transfer for Intrastat

  • Tax control audit reporting

  • Fixed assets Extended Posting Groups (sales and waste amounts are booked to different G/L accounts)

  • Valuate bank entries in foreign currency by average

  • Use chronological document date order

  • Get continuous updates and improvements

Our Regulatory app pack is also available on AppSource.



Does your business depend on Sales Advance payments? Do you handle cash in and cash out processes? Are you still entering your bank statements data manually?

However, regulatory functions are must haves for every company using an ERP system, we understand that there are other features, which could help you in your daily tasks. We call them National Standards, since they are part of our everyday business life.

Features and benefits of using this extension:


  • Sales Advance Payment

  • Petty Cash

  • Interfaces to Hungarian Banks,​

  • Bank account selection on trading documents

  • Fixed assets reports

  • Trading documents layout​

This app pack is also available on AppSource.

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