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Online services of the Dynamics 365 product family, including Business Central, are available from the Microsoft Azure cloud, powered by Microsoft. This also means that Microsoft is responsible for maintaining the system, storing data securely, and performing updates.

Comprehensive IT infrastructure maintenance and scalability

When choosing Azure cloud, you don’t have to focus on managing your servers and IT infrastructure. For most companies, using the cloud not only saves time but also brings financial benefits. Business solutions provided by Azure minimize IT infrastructure costs. All you need to access Business Central is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.


It is worth noting that the cloud-based Business Central solution is more scalable. In fact, you can expand or narrow the number of user accesses at any time. If you encounter a performance problem, you have the option of requesting additional resource capacity from Microsoft.

Microsoft provides high level reliability with 99.9% uptime. However, in the event of a failure or service outage, you don’t have to worry about data loss and backup, Microsoft provides adequate security for your infrastructure with redundant resources and continuous data backup.

In general, users of the online version of Business Central will receive an update earlier than customers using the on-premises version of the system. Importantly, in the cloud, Microsoft is responsible for updates, which are usually automatic (of course, you can decide when to update).

Additional services
The Microsoft Azure cloud is much more than an infrastructure under Business Central. With Business Central in the cloud, your company can leverage the benefits of a number of integrated services, including Office 365, PowerBI (Business Intelligence), SharePoint and PowerApps (low code platform).

Cloud first!
Microsoft strongly recommends cloud-based solutions. There are significant benefits to using the Microsoft Azure cloud. The savings in IT infrastructure purchase and maintenance, scalability, high availability, data loss protection, automatic updates, and seamless integration with other cloud-based solutions are the benefits of implementing the Online version, whether it's a new deployment or about the upgrade from an existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.


We recommend it to you if:

Your mind set is technology-oriented, it is important for you that IT is not a hassle, but a set of tools that support business. Your industry and field of activity requires the support of processes that can be matched to a set of standard functions of a business management system. In most cases, the customization needs refer to processes that ensure uniqueness and competitive advantage in the given market, and/or to provide a data connection to professional systems. You have a company or group of companies in one country where the number of users are typically below 50 and may fluctuate depending on seasonality.


System implementation / operation characteristics:

The entry cost is low, and the system offers pre-configured features in several areas to reduce the risk of deployment. The project typically begins with setting individual parameters, during which the needs that may generate development tasks are mapped. During the implementation, it can be decided whether the development needs shall be addressed with a ready-made solution available on Microsoft AppSource or a custom development. Developments are based on agile methodology, the customer constantly sees how the unique solution designed for him is made. The implementation project also includes the tasks of training, testing, data migration and go live support services. User access, system operation, continuous updates, and automatic upgrade to the latest versions are available for a fixed monthly fee. In addition to fixed content, the We implement the system at a fixed price. Thanks to a high degree of standardization and properly selected and interconnected technology components, customer resource requirements are reduced and maintenance costs can be kept in check.

Business Central Online - as a service, from the cloud

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